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Environmental Management

Carbon Reduction – We measure our carbon emissions in

accordance with GHG guidelines, and have achieved a 25%

reduction since 2008. We continually strive for further reductions

to meet our challenging targets.

Policies and Accreditations – our accreditations show a clear

vision and purpose, supported and understood at all levels

Sunday Times Awards

UKOS has been included in The Sunday Times Best Green

Companies Awards for 3 years and recently ranked in 1st position

– Britain’s Best Green Company.

Ethical Supply / Sustainable Procurement – Our purchasing

policies favour suppliers with well established social and

environmental policies. Imperial College London has audited the

UKOS upstream supply chain, specifically focusing on the ethical

standards of our suppliers.

Sustainability Forum – Each year UKOS holds a sustainability

forum to engage with customers and suppliers, the aim being to

collaborate in the reduction of both carbon and risk within our

shared supply chains.


Green Solutions

Packaging – Our reusable packaging allows customers to

receive deliveries in a reusable and recyclable container –

minimising cardboard waste.

Eco Delivery Schedules – Whilst it is the norm in the UK

stationery market to offer next day delivery, feedback tells us

customers do not always want 5 deliveries a week. For those customers, we offer Eco Delivery Schedules of 1, 2 or 3 days per week. Next day delivery of course available on request.


Environmental Products – The UKOS directory includes many products with sustainable credentials, including an extensive guide to choosing paper.

Recycling Services – Paper / Plastics / Toners / Glass /

Confidential Waste can all be collected from your offices at the

same time we deliver your stationery products, saving both

money and delivery emissions.

Electronic Marketing and Transaction – Our web ordering

allows for paperless transactions and a reduction in paper


Reports by UKOS – IMPACT reports by UKOS provide environmental information specific to each customer. This helps you and your organisation demonstrate your commitment to reduced carbon and improved sustainability.

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